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andimparalyzed's Journal


Hey. I'm Anne *waves*.

I'm eighteen and from a super-tiny town in the middle of nowhere New England (the reason why I use wicked all the time and say bubbler instead of fountain). I'm really nice most of the time, and I love most of the people who I meet online. I'm always willing to chat or have a conversation with anyone :D I love music very muchly, and I always have my playlist going.

Movies are amazing and I love to obsess over certain ones. Musicals are the best and I will watch pretty much any musical. If you have a favorite, let me know please, I'm always looking for a good movie.

I've been known to act like a kid, be beyond sarcastic, and obsess over silly stuff (certain movies, MCR, Tegan and Sara, pixar movies, Ellen Page, Boston Legal, Glee, need I go on?).

I'm not the most original person you'll find. I sold my creativity about four years ago. I like having a social label, dressing like other kids and feeling like I fit in. I try to be amusing and funny, and I've been told that I act like Juno.

This seems like a self advertisement. I don't want this to be like a Craig's list add. Too late, huh? Meh.

Soooooo, in conclusion, I hope that you like my shiznit that I write and I live on livejournal, so hit me up if you want someone to talk to. Oh, and this is also my occasional private journal in addition to being my writing journal. But you can just ignore the personal-ish posts if you want :] I have over 180 oneshoots (Bob/Frank from My Chem being my speciality) that you're welcome to peruse and one finished story. I hope that you enjoy them :] This journal is on hiatus though, so I will not be posting any more stories on this journal.

I have a lot of personal entries here, so I've decided to get a journal here on lj. It's youhearthat and if you want to read all of my personal, not slashy stuff just add me there and I'll add ya back :]

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